Monday, 31 August 2015

Corn husk flowers

Hi all 
Mukta here 
Few days back I visited to karigari store and saw some flower stick.. I love those I bought few for gifting and decided to duplicate them for me ...
I tried to make a tutorial on this.. 
Take a corn 
Cut it from 1"
Like this 
It allows to remove husk from corn with out any damage 
Material you required 
Fold husk in to 1.5" and cut a will get 3"wide strip 
Start rolling 
Like this 
Tie it with flower wire with the help of thread
Cut another strip as we earlier do than make 2"wide small peaces 
Squeeze like this , give it fan kind of shape
Attach it over our bud 
Place more with little over leaping others 
We need 4 for this layer 
Make another layer as we earlier did use 5 peace of husk 
I tried to explain with pictures 
Hope you like it 
Happy crafting